ICS Field
27.010 Energy and heat transfer engineering in general
27.015 Energy efficiency. Energy conservation in general
Including energy audits
Energy management systems, see 03.100.70
Energy efficiency of buildings, see 91.120.10
27.020 Internal combustion engines
Internal combustion engines for current generating sets, see 29.160.40
Internal combustion engines for road vehicles, see 43.060
Marine engines, see 47.020.20
27.040 Gas and steam turbines. Steam engines
Hydraulic turbines, see 27.140
27.060 Burners. Boilers
27.070 Fuel cells
27.075 Hydrogen technologies
Industrial application of gases, see 71.100.20
27.080 Heat pumps
27.100 Power stations in general
Including thermal power plants
Nuclear power plants, see 27.120.20
Hydraulic power plants, see 27.140
Solar power stations, see 27.160
Wind turbine systems, see 27.180
27.120 Nuclear energy engineering
27.140 Hydraulic energy engineering
Including hydraulic turbines
27.160 Solar energy engineering
Including photovoltaic energy systems
27.180 Wind turbine energy systems
Including generation of electrical energy
27.190 Biological sources and alternative sources of energy
27.200 Refrigerating technology
Air-conditioners, see 23.120
Refrigerants, see 71.100.45
Household refrigerating appliances, see 97.040.30
Commercial refrigerating appliances, see 97.130.20
27.220 Heat recovery. Thermal insulation
Thermal insulation of buildings, see 91.120.10