Materials for the reinforcement of composites, see 59.100
Fishing nets, see 65.150
Upholstery, see 97.140
Textile floor coverings, see 97.150
Home textiles and linen, see 97.160
ICS Field
59.080.01 Textiles in general
Including colour fastness of textiles
59.080.20 Yarns
Including plied yarns, textured yarns, threads
59.080.30 Textile fabrics
Including nonwovens, felts, lace, etc.
59.080.40 Coated fabrics
59.080.50 Ropes
Including strings, straps, bands
Wire ropes for lifting, see 53.020.30
Steel wire ropes, see 77.140.65
59.080.70 Geotextiles
Including geosynthetics
59.080.80 Smart textiles
59.080.99 Other products of the textile industry