Norme internationale
ISO 59010
Économie circulaire — Recommandations relatives à la transition des modèles d’affaires et des réseaux de valeur
Numéro de référence
ISO 59010
Edition 1
En cours de publication
ISO 59010
En cours de publication (Edition 1, 2024)
Étapes finales du processus d’élaboration (jusqu’à sept semaines).

What is ISO 59010?

ISO 59010 provides guidance for organizations wishing to transition their value creation models and networks from a linear to a circular framework. This standard focuses on business-oriented strategies to implement circular economy practices at both organizational and inter-organizational levels. It complements ISO 59004 by offering more detailed guidance on assessing current value creation models, mapping value chains and value networks, and developing strategies for circularity. ISO 59010 is designed to help organizations make this transition effectively, contributing to sustainable business practices and a resilient global economy.

Why is ISO 59010 important?

ISO 59010 is vital as it guides organizations in transforming their linear value creation models to circular ones, crucial for sustainable development. It addresses the pressing need to mitigate environmental risks, manage resource depletion, and respond to regulatory and consumer pressures for sustainability. For businesses, it outlines a structured approach to integrate circular economy principles, enhancing resource efficiency and creating economic opportunities through innovation and resilience.


  • Improved resource efficiency and waste reduction
  • Enhanced adaptability to regulatory and market changes
  • Better alignment of business practices with global sustainability goals
  • Increased competitive advantage and stakeholder trust



ISO 59010 is ideal for any organization looking to transition from traditional linear business models to sustainable circular ones, particularly those in sectors with significant resource use and environmental impact.

While ISO 59004 provides a generic framework for implementing circular economy principles, ISO 59010 offers detailed, business-specific strategies and measures for organizations to practically apply these principles within their value creation models and networks.

ISO 59010 recommends assessing current value networks, defining strategic circular economy goals, developing actionable plans to enhance circularity, and establishing metrics to measure performance and impact.

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