ISO/WD 24167
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ISO/WD 24167
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ISO/WD 24167
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This method specifies an in vitro method for the digestion (IVD) of dairy products allowing the assessment of dairy protein digestibility and the measurement of in vitro DIAAS values. The standard method is applicable to milk and milk-based drinks, and yoghurt from cows, sheep and goats. It is also applicable to milk powder after reconstitution, and soft-, semi-hard and hard cheeses. To allow an optimal protein digestion, in a typical experiment with 5 g of food, the total nitrogen content is limited to 30 mg and the total fat content is limited to 250 mg. In the case that 5 g of food exceed 30 mg of protein or 30 mg of total fat, the food is diluted with water to a total weight of 5 g to reach the maximal contents of protein or fat.

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