Committee Title
ISO/TC 17/SC 1 Methods of determination of chemical composition
ISO/TC 23/SC 18 Irrigation and drainage equipment and systems
ISO/TC 27 Coal and coke
ISO/TC 27/SC 1 Coal preparation: Terminology and performance
ISO/TC 27/SC 3 Coke
ISO/TC 27/SC 4 Sampling
ISO/TC 27/SC 5 Methods of analysis
ISO/TC 29/SC 8 Tools for pressing and moulding
ISO/TC 29/SC 9 Tools with defined cutting edges, holding tools, cutting items, adaptive items and interfaces
ISO/TC 34/SC 3 Fruits and vegetables and their derived products
ISO/TC 34/SC 6 Meat, poultry, fish, eggs and their products
ISO/TC 34/SC 7 Spices, culinary herbs and condiments
ISO/TC 34/SC 15 Coffee
ISO/TC 39/SC 8 Work holding spindles and chucks
ISO/TC 41 Pulleys and belts (including veebelts)
ISO/TC 41/SC 1 Friction
ISO/TC 41/SC 4 Synchronous belt drives
ISO/TC 44/SC 3 Welding consumables
ISO/TC 47 Chemistry
ISO/TC 54 Essential oils
ISO/TC 59/SC 15 Framework for functional/user requirements in building construction
ISO/TC 59/SC 20 Resilience of buildings and civil engineering works
ISO/TC 67/SC 8 Arctic operations
ISO/TC 67/SC 10 Enhanced oil recovery
ISO/TC 77 Products in fibre reinforced cement
ISO/TC 82/SC 7 Sustainable mining and mine closure
ISO/TC 87 Cork
ISO/TC 93 Starch (including derivatives and by-products)
ISO/TC 102 Iron ore and direct reduced iron
ISO/TC 102/SC 1 Sampling
ISO/TC 102/SC 2 Chemical analysis
ISO/TC 102/SC 3 Physical testing
ISO/TC 106/SC 3 Terminology
ISO/TC 106/SC 6 Dental equipment
ISO/TC 114/SC 1 Shock resistant watches
ISO/TC 114/SC 7 Overall dimensions
ISO/TC 119 Powder metallurgy
ISO/TC 119/SC 2 Sampling and testing methods for powders (including powders for hardmetals)
ISO/TC 119/SC 3 Sampling and testing methods for sintered metal materials (excluding hardmetals)
ISO/TC 119/SC 4 Sampling and testing methods for hardmetals
ISO/TC 119/SC 5 Specifications for powder metallurgical materials (excluding hardmetals)
ISO/TC 132 Ferroalloys
ISO/TC 155 Nickel and nickel alloys
ISO/TC 156/SC 1 Corrosion control engineering life cycle
ISO/TC 170 Surgical instruments
ISO/TC 172/SC 6 Geodetic and surveying instruments
ISO/TC 183 Copper, lead, zinc and nickel ores and concentrates
ISO/TC 226 Materials for the production of primary aluminium
ISO/TC 249 Traditional Chinese medicine
ISO/TC 256 Pigments, dyestuffs and extenders
ISO/TC 282 Water reuse
ISO/TC 285 Clean cookstoves and clean cooking solutions
ISO/TC 295 Audit data services
ISO/TC 319 Karst
ISO/TC 324 Sharing economy
ISO/TC 328 Engineered stones
ISO/TC 339 Small hydropower plants (SHP plants)
ISO/TC 341 Heat supply network