In the cloud

Cloud computing is quite possibly the hottest, most discussed and often misunderstood topic in IT today.

This revolutionary concept has reached unexpected heights in the last decade and is recognized by governments and private-sector organizations as major game-changing technology.

In this issue, we address some of the basic questions surrounding cloud computing (including the savings and business utility the technology can offer). We also explore security concerns of the cloud services industry and how these are addressed by ISO/IEC 27018, the first International Standard on safeguarding personal data in the cloud.

Январь/Февраль 2015

In the cloud

We address some of the basic questions surrounding cloud computing, including the savings and business utility the technology can offer.

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Building on solid ground

Jacques Lair, Chair of technical committees for sustainable development in communities (ISO/TC 268) and sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works (ISO/TC 59/SC 17), was one of the experts who attended the recently held ISO infrastructure events in London and Singapore. Here, he shares some interesting insights on a field that has been the mainstay of his career.


User expectations will need to be taken into account in one way or another.

Jacques Lair

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