ISO 9809-2:2010
ISO 9809-2:2010

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ISO 9809-2:2010 specifies minimum requirements for the material, design, construction and workmanship, manufacturing processes, examination and testing at manufacture of refillable quenched and tempered seamless steel gas cylinders of water capacities from 0,5 l up to and including 150 l for compressed, liquefied and dissolved gases. ISO 9809-2:2010 is applicable to cylinders with a maximum tensile strength Rma of greater than or equal to 1 100 MPa. It is not applicable to cylinders with Rma, max of greater than 1 300 MPa for diameters greater than 140 mm and guaranteed wall thicknesses greater than or equal to 12 mm and Rma, max greater than or equal to 1 400 MPa for diameters of less than or equal to 140 mm and guaranteed wall thicknesses greater than or equal to 6 mm, because beyond these limits, additional requirements can apply.

If desired, cylinders of water capacity less than 0,5 l and between 150 l and 500 l can be manufactured and certified to be in compliance with ISO 9809-2:2010.

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     : 2010-04
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  • ISO/TC 58/SC 3
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