International Standard
ISO 55000:2024
Asset management — Vocabulary, overview and principles
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ISO 55000:2024
Версия 2
International Standard
ISO 55000:2024
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Опубликовано (Версия 2, 2024)

ISO 55000:2024

ISO 55000:2024
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What is ISO 55000?

ISO 55000 is the foundational part of the ISO 55000 series, focusing on asset management. This standard provides an overview, terminology, and principles necessary to develop a proactive asset management system. It establishes the framework for organizations to effectively manage their assets over their life cycles, enhancing the value realized from assets which is crucial for achieving organizational objectives.

Why is ISO 55000 important?

ISO 55000 is critical as it addresses the need for a systematic approach to managing an organization’s assets, which is crucial in today’s infrastructure-intensive environment. Proper asset management ensures that organizations can achieve their strategic goals through the effective and efficient management of their assets. By following ISO 55000, organizations equip themselves with the necessary practices to optimize asset usage, improve financial performance, manage risk, and ensure sustainability. This standard provides a structured approach that helps organizations improve accountability and enhance overall efficiency.


  • Enhanced financial performance through optimized asset management and reduced costs
  • Improved risk management related to owning and operating assets
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in meeting regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Strengthened reputation through consistent and improved services and products


Organizations across various industries that own and operate assets. This includes utilities, manufacturing, public transport, and municipal infrastructure entities seeking to improve their asset management practices.

ISO 55000 provides the overview, basic principles, and terminology, which are further developed and implemented through ISO 55001 and ISO 55002. ISO 55001 specifies the requirements for an asset management system, and ISO 55002 gives guidelines for applying ISO 55001.

Key elements include aligning asset management objectives with the organizational objectives, a strategic approach to managing assets throughout their lifecycle, and the use of an asset management system to continually improve performance and realize value.

While ISO 55000 offers significant value on its own by providing essential guidelines and principles, it is most effective when used in conjunction with ISO 55001 and ISO 55002 for comprehensive asset management practices.

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