International Standard
ISO/IEC 15944-17:2024
Information technology — Business operational view — Part 17: Fundamental principles and rules governing Privacy-by-Design (PbD) requirements in an EDI and collaboration space context
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ISO/IEC 15944-17:2024
Версия 1
International Standard
ISO/IEC 15944-17:2024
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Опубликовано (Версия 1, 2024)

ISO/IEC 15944-17:2024

ISO/IEC 15944-17:2024
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This document:

a)       focuses on PbD aspects of privacy protection requirements as external constraints on any type of Person, (e.g. organization or public administration) involved in any kind of business transaction among such Persons which involves the electronic data interchange (EDI) of any personal information;

b)       establishes a fundamental set of privacy principles known as Privacy by Design and assumptions based on primary sources;

c)        integrates existing normative elements in support of PbD as are already identified in ISO/IEC 14662 and ISO/IEC 15944-1, ISO/IEC 15944-5, ISO/IEC 15944-8, ISO 15944-12;

d)       provides overarching operational ‘best practice’ statements for associated (and not necessarily automated) processes, procedures, practices and governance requirements that need to act in support of implementing and enforcing technical mechanisms that support PbD in Open-edi transaction and collaboration space environments;

e)       focuses on PbD related aspects of the life cycle management of and accountability for the personal information, i.e. the contents of SPIs (and their SRIs) related to the business transaction interchanged via EDI as information bundles and their associated semantic components among the parties to a business transaction.

This document focuses on the BOV aspects of a business transaction and does not concern itself with the technical mechanisms needed to implement the FSV aspects of the business requirements of the FSV including the specification of requirements of an FSV nature which include security techniques and services, communication protocols, etc.). The FSV includes any existing standard (or standards development of an FSV nature), which has been ratified by existing ISO, IEC, UN/ECE and/or ITU standards.

This document does not specify the technical mechanisms, i.e. FSV which are required to support BOV-identified requirements. Detailed exclusions to the scope of this document are provided in Annex D.

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