The ISO digital learning solutions (DLS) Toolkit includes a unified collection of processes, tools and case studies for developing and implementing digital learning solutions at an organizational level. There are three versions of the ISO DLS Toolkit, customized to meet the different needs of the audiences.

The ISO DLS Toolkit is available in English, French and Spanish.

Level 1: DLS Inquirers

ISO members who are new to digital learning and require a high-level summary of the implementation of DLS programmes. 

Level 2: DLS Explorers

ISO members who have limited experience with digital learning and require a foundational understanding of the implementation details involved in rolling out a digital learning strategy. DLS Explorers do not currently have a DLS programme.

Level 3: DLS Experienced

ISO members who have hands-on experience building and implementing digital learning programmes and require an in-depth implementation guide. These members currently have existing DLS programmes. 

The ISO digital learning platform is considered as a knowledge hub that offers exciting opportunities for the ISO members staff and their national stakeholders to benefit from a variety of standardization and business skills courses in a fully digital learning environment. The material provided will help learners deliver high-quality standards in an efficient and effective manner, proactively solve problems, motivate culturally diverse teams, think outside the box, engage in meaningful collaborations, and ultimately develop their leadership skills. More courses will continue to be added on a regular basis. 

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Who should use the platform?

  • Committee managers and support teams involved in the project management of the international and national standards development processes
  • Any expert involved in international or national standardization
  • ISO members and ISO/CS staff interested in developing their business skills

How to access the platform?

You need to have an account in the ISO Global Directory. If you don’t have an ISO account, please contact the ISO Member Body User Administrator (MBUA) in your country.  Once you have your account, go to to sign in using your ISO credentials.

ISO Digital Accessibility Survey Results 2022-2025

The ISO capacity building unit circulated a digital accessibility survey in 2022 to determine the digital delivery opportunities and obstacles that ISO should consider for the design, development, implementation and evaluation of its digital technical assistance and training services.

This survey is vital to ensure the achievement of the following objectives:

  1. Identify the high priority needs for digital content development for ISO’s developing country members during the period 2022-2025.
  2. Appreciate the current realities and practices that are implemented by ISO’s developing country members in the field of digital learning and development.
  3. Support the implementation of the ISO digital learning solutions toolkit.

View the summary results of this survey that was completed by 80 of ISO’s developing country members. Should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Nesreen Al-Khammash (  

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ISO eLearning courses in 2023

ISO Good Standardization Practices (GSP)

The ISO Good Standardization Practices eLearning course is specifically designed to support ISO’s developing country members in aligning their processes for developing, publishing, and disseminating information on national standards with international best practices, and becoming more actively involved in International Standards development activities. Packed with useful information and practical guidance and case study, this comprehensive course contains eight modules and two assessment modules, some of which are further divided into sub-modules. 

Statistics from the second cycle of the GSP eLearning course. Download the presentation.

Statistics from the first cycle of the GSP eLearning course.

Launch of the GSP eLearning course

Listen to ISO and UNIDO leaders speak about the GSP course

What's next?

Stay tuned. More courses will be coming up throughout the year!